New app for truth seekers with Android devices (BANNED from the Play store)

🆕 Frog Intel Android application has been BANNED from Google Play Store in recent weeks, but is STILL AVAILABLE and going 💪

Hey Frens, a team of Admins and Anons inside the truther community have compiled a redpill 💊 Android 🤖application called Frog Intel 🐸, launched May 5th 2023 for early release testing.

In recent weeks it has been removed from the Play Store and asked by Google to be dumbed down removing any contradicting health information regarding COVID-19. This included removing entire sections such as, so we left it in.

It is designed to filter out a majority of the fakes, shills and trolls inside the movement spreading disinformation & misinformation. Providing you with OSINT tools alongside the Intel.

You can use it for deep research into various red pill topics, prove to friends, family and others what is being censored, use it in landscape mode, screenshot, leave comments on different websites, login to social media such as Twitter, Telegram and Truth Social all in one place. The app will be maintained and updated.

Use this app for reaching and researching areas such as:

QAlerts, QIntel, QResearch, BurrowTV, ConspyreTV, Disclosurehub, FallCabal, Wikileaks, VTVault, Truth Social, AndWeKnow, x22 Report, O'Keefe Media Grpup, Disclose TV, The Gateway Pundit, 8kun RSS, War Room, The Light Paper, Fight with Kash, The Exposé, Zero Hedge, And many more..

âž¡ Download @ Aptoide (APK file; version 3.9)
âž¡ Download @ Apkpure (XAPK file; version 3.9)
âž¡ Download @ Telegram (APK file; version 4.0)

👉 Channel link (only on Telegram + Play Store)

Apps From Unknown Sources:
Download requires user to enable unknown sources for installing the apk file.
If you download the file in Chrome, when opening the file and the warning pops up, click into settings > chrome > enable unknown sources.
If you download the file in Telegram, do the same but find telegram when click into settings and enable unknown sources.

Feedback is essential to the development of the application, if it is of use to you, please feel free to rate it or provide feedback in the channel.

Thank you to and crew for allowing this post 🙏 Shout out to Dad 😘 kek 🐸

"We have an Army, of Digital Soldiers"
"Where We Go One We Go All"

New app for truth seekers with Android devices (BANNED from the Play store)

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