Brave TV - Aug 9, 2023 - Military Chemtrails Spraying Us with Parasites, Lyme, Heavy Metals & More!

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The House of Representatives has instructed the Pentagon to disclose whether ticks were used to spread Lyme disease between 1950 and 1975. Chris Smith, the Republican representative from New Jersey, made the allegation. According to Smith, a long-time advocate for Lyme disease, the claims come from a book about the disease and its discoverer, Willy Burgdofer.
Burgdofer didn't discover Lyme disease until 1982, almost a decade after it's claimed ticks may have been used. There is no proof that the claims are true, and other scientists have dismissed them.
However, the US has tested biological weapons on the general public in the past.Show more
"Chemtrails" is the name given to plumes emitted by aircraft in the sky.
"Geoengineering" is the name used to define the intentional process of altering - or "engineering" - the Earth's atmosphere.
Increasing numbers of people and organizations in numerous industrialized countries believe chemtrails are visible artifacts of current geoengineering programs. In November 2010, the U.N. attempted to regulate them.
Evidence suggests that millions of tons of aluminum and barium particulates used in geoengineering programs are responsible for the dramatic rise in aluminum and barium levels in water and soil samples.
Recent plant and animal deaths have been linked to aluminum and/or barium toxicity, bringing even more attention to global geoengineering.
The public is generally unaware of what is now being called "The world's largest aerial operation in history" despite scientists and activists calling chemtrails "The issue of the century".
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