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Dr Ariyana Love joins Stew Peters to discuss the Pentagon-run biolabs in Ukraine. She firmly believes that Russian military reportsabout US-operated biolabs in Ukraine are credible and she affirms that Russia’s incursion into Ukraine is “All for the the de-Nazification and de-militarization of the country, as well as to seize control and destroy and expose the US bioweapons labs to the world. Russia is liberating the Ukrainian people after 8 years of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

“On the other side is the US Deep State and NATO allies, who have been using Ukraine for the manufacturing and exportation of biological weapons for this COVID-19 democide.

“Russia exposed that the US Government, DoD ad NATO partners funded and operated 30 biolabs in Ukraine, under the COVID-19 prevention program but in actuality, they were producing bioweapons that are being used in this vaccine holocaust...

Russia revealed 145 species of bioweapons that have been studied in Ukraine and two of them are crossing into Russia. This is according to Russian military reports. Parasite and insect vectors that transmit severe infectious diseases to humans were being smuggled out of Ukraine and the bio samples were being transferred abroad from a biolab in Kharkiv.

“Routes into Europe were already being mapped and they were working on dangerous coronavirus specimens and how to spread it among populations. This was revealed by the Russians.

“Classified documents captured by the Russians reveal the paper trail between Ukrainian biolabs and the Doherty Institute in Australia, the Victoria Infectious Diseases Laboratory in Melbourne were caught importing blood serum from Ukrainian biolabs.

“There’s 350 cryocontainers containing blood serum specimens that were being used under the pretense of antibody research.

“Aussie Cossack also reported that Australian mercenaries have been spotted in Ukraine in the city of Zhytomyr, 150 km west of Kyiv.

“The former President, Barack Obama, himself had authorized the construction of these biolabs for creating Level 3 dangerous pathogens in 2005 [when he was was an Illinois senator].

“It was the Obama-Biden regime that established the coup d’état in Kyiv. The Azov Battlion Nazis that are wreaking havoc in Ukraine were funded by Jewish oligarchs with dual nationalities to Israel, such as Ihor Kolomoyskyi.

“Azov Nazis were supplied with Tavor rifles by the Israeli state. The Neo-Nazi were able to officially integrate into the national guard of Ukraine in 2014.

“Former Marine Corps officer, Scott Ritter told George Galloway, the first troops to be trained by US and British soldiers were the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

“So the Nazis violently overthrew the legitimate president of Ukraine and forced their way into the government. The Zelenskyy puppet regime and the militarized Nazis have been committing war crime atrocities and have been targeting Russian Christian Ukrainians ever since.”

Stew comments, “So what you’re saying is…bad actors inside of the United States, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, along with the State Department and the CIA conducted a violent overthrow of the democratically-elected government, that was elected in 2014 – both sides agree that the vote was fair – they staged BLM-style riots, they practiced the same meddling and election theft as they implemented here – all of the PSYOPs included – so that they could develop bioweapons to target Christians…

“This is Soros’ war. That’s what this is…This is not something that just is popping up with Vladimir Putin. This is instigated at the hands of our State Department, corrupt bad actors inside of the global Cabal and the Deep State here, in the United States. From the very beginning, I said, “If you want to blame anybody for this war, look no further than the United States Deep State.”

Dr Love continues, “The US Government released document in 2020, admitting that the biolabs are for ‘vaccine development’ and the US Department of State had full control over everything that happened in those labs. Russia revealed that the US was developing plague, anthrax, cholera, ebola, filoviruses and much, much more.

“Ebola is in the Johnson & Johnson and Sinovac patents. The filovirus is used in Moderna. So, it’s clear that the illegal pathogens from these biolabs have been used to inoculate the world’s population for this democide. 

“We should all be thanking Russia for exposing this to the world and destroying those labs. Russia also mentioned that the H5N1 and the H1N1 were also being produced in those labs. The H1N1 induced a smallpox and I found also an mRNA nanotechnology vaccine patent for cattle, using the H5N1 and the H1N1 and the deadly Brucella bacteria.

“So, these bioweapons made in Ukraine are also being used to poison and genetically-modify our food supply! 

“Journalist, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva reported that the Pentagon unleashed deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the local civilian population and on allied troops, according to leaked documents.

“So the Pentagon was experimenting on 4,400 soldiers in Ukraine and another 1,000 in Georgia and the documents read that the deaths should be reported to the US Government.

“So, US personnel at these biolabs were given diplomatic immunity, although they are not diplomats and they are indemnified from the deaths and injuries caused to the local population.

“There were 13 lethal bacteria being tested on troops and civilians in Ukraine. The Bacillus anthraxis – that’s anthrax – it can be disseminated by aerial spraying. And I found a patent for removing the plasma DNA from the Bacillus anthraxis bacteria, using a CRISPR-Cas9 system and it’s owned by China.

“So they are using mycoplasmas as bioweapons. Brucella is another deadly bacteria that was cultivated in the 1950s…and began applying it to vaccines. The US military likes to use this pathogen because they’re able to debilitate people without killing them.

“Being infected with brucellosis is like having the flu by like ten times but it’s not life-threatening, unless you have some other condition and this sounds very much like COVID-19.

“There was the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, it has a 40% lethality, then a couple of other bacteria that you only need ten of them to make you sick…The US was supposed to have disposed of this bacteria in 1973, because it has up to a 60% lethality but the US was continuing to weaponize it in Ukraine.

“So, parasites, worms, more deadly bacteria, causing Lyme disease, also chronic brain diseases – sounds like prions – and many, many more things were being manufactured there.

“But this is the most chilling thing of all, Stew: they were targeting ethnic groups. So, one of the things they were doing in these biolabs was they figured out a way to selectively target specific ethnic groups. They can makes these weapons more lethal or less lethal to ethnic groups. 

“There was a study released in December of last year, which reveals what ethnic groups are being the most genetically-modified with this mRNA weaponry and it happens to be Europeans and Europeans-South Asians were the most-targeted group, then Africans.

“And there are two genetic types that are completely immune to this bioweapon and that is the K26R genetic type and also the Ashkenazi Jews. They are completely immune to genetic modification. So this is some very chilling evidence.”


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