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I want to start with some pretty bold statements. First of all, this is not a vaccine. A vaccine is supposed to protect us against bacterial or viral infection. There is nothing in any of these shots that are designed to protect us against virus infection. The authorities say it, the patents describe it, everyone who is involved in the making of these injections, with their intention, it was never ever made to protect us against viral infection. As soon as we start to realize that that is not what this is, we realize that everything after that is a complete and utter lie. 

This is not a vaccine. It is not designed to protect us against a SARS CoV-2 viral infection. Therefore, it cannot stop the transmission of a SARS CoV-2 virus because what's in the shot is not meant to protect us against a SARS CoV-2 viral infection. Now, when we look at the literature from 2020, and we see that people were getting illnesses of blood disorders, lack of oxygen, hypoxia, lung disease, clotting, disease, strokes, hypertension, hypotension, loss of taste, loss of smell neurological issues, COVID toes, this was not a viral illness. This was the clinical presentation of a poisoning of the blood. 

And all of the literature shows that the spike protein of this so-called virus was responsible for causing all of these symptoms, brain problems, neurological problems, heart disease, clotting factors, loss of oxygen and loss of taste, loss of smell, hypertension, hypotension. This spike protein was responsible for causing the disease that we saw. Ladies and gentlemen, this spike protein is not a naturally occurring thing. It is a man-made weapon. It is not a virus. This is part of may be attached to a virus and attached to who knows what else that started the ball rolling with people getting sick. This was never an influenza-like disease, it was never a flu-like illness. It was straight up a poisoning of the blood. 

This spike protein could attach to receptors all over the body, the brain, the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the intestines, the sperm, and the female reproductive system. So, they found in the naturally occurring COVID set of symptoms. This spike protein was responsible for what made people sick. So why in God's name, are we okay, with injecting something into the body, that's going to cause all of us to make spike protein, the very part of the so-called weapon that was creating the illness and the group of symptoms in the first place. This is not a vaccine. 

Now, if your body is being given the genetic material to make a synthetic spike protein, we have absolutely no idea what the body does when the genetic instructions get into the cells and start making spike protein. In fact, in our critically thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P., Dr. Tenpenny has specifically found the possibility that there are other pieces of mRNA that may be in some of these shots. So when people say is something shedding, we really don't have any idea what's in this thing. Or these things. We think We think we think it's spike protein. But we generally have no idea. But if we go on the fact that spike protein is being manufactured in the factory, by the cells of the human body, and that we know that maybe if our own messenger RNA was in ourselves, we would turn it off ourselves. 

We have no experience using an injected synthetic messenger RNA genetic instructions as to whether or not our bodies are going to turn that on or turn it off as we start the factory of making the spike protein. And so there is no evidence, zero evidence, no scientific studies, as to whether or not that spike protein turns on and stays on, or ever turns off. And we have no evidence, if that body that was getting injected is making the spike protein is exhaling it in particles through the lungs, spitting it out through saliva, urinating it out through urine, sweating it out through the skin, or putting it out through gas or stool, we have no idea. 

But what we have is massive, brilliant propaganda of genocide, because they don't have to inject everyone to get the results that they're looking for. Because now we see that those people who are getting injected are actually the lepers are actually the pariahs and are actually making healthy people who have never been injected, get COVID symptoms, bleeding, which was part of the COVID illness itself, miscarriages, and death. This is not a vaccine, please stop calling it a vaccine. 

As Dr. Matthay said, the lipid nanoparticles have never been used in injections before. They are capable of passing any material that it's attached to, into the brain, the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the liver, the sperm, and the female reproductive systems. We are in a crapshoot. This is Russian Roulette, we have no answers about what is being transmitted, how it's being transmitted. And we should be up in arms. That's why I said the genie is out of the bottle. 

Women as the only guy on this panel, and working with mothers, most of my life, women are more in touch with what's going on with their bodies than anybody else. Sorry guys. They are and this is genocide, this is a weapon of mass destruction. And it is requiring us to speak up. There is a prominent pediatrician in this country, who has called me out and actually denied that there is any shedding in this injection. Ladies and gentlemen, that is conjecture only. 

There is something being passed from people who are shot up with this poison to others who have not gotten the shot. We should be quarantining those people who are injected with this poison. And the children who were not part of the initial round of spike protein poisoning, probably because and I don't know this for sure. Their H2 receptors were probably not as prominent and not as ubiquitous to have been attaching to this spike protein. 

So their sense of illness was actually minor, all for a condition of weaponization that had greater than a 99.7% recovery rate in the majority of the public, and in a condition where we had drugs, nutritional interventions, medical interventions, ozone, hyperbarics, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, inhaled steroids, and other interventions that not only prevented this illness from happening but treated people who were sick and actually prevented death in large populations, where doctors were able to get to their patients and treat them and prevent them in time. 

This is serious. I'm not mincing words. Dr. T., you know, I don't mince words. We don't know what's going on. And I know you want something nice. I really think we should start calling for people who are getting the shot to be quarantined and have a badge on their arms that say, I've been vaccinated even though it's not a vaccine so that we know to avoid them on the street. Let's not go near them anywhere in society. 


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