How the CIA pushes False Flags for political agendas or to get us into war

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The CIA has held a close relationship to the Main Stream Media for decades empowering the media to blindly push narratives to gain public support, even if it’s a complete lie!

How; if the political establishment wants to push legislation yet won’t have support from the public, the CIA will either created a false flag or push a lie through the media, because the greatest way to gain support is through emotion

False Flags and reasons;

911- The Events of 911 changed America, it introduced the Patriot Act 1&2, it established the Dept of Homeland Security and used to pass Military Commissions Act to remove Habeas Corpus, set the events to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, made domestic surveillance legal, created the TSA and introduced the National Defense Authorization Act

Pearl Harbor- Advanced knowledge of Pearl Harbor did exist but no defense order was given because Roosevelt needed reason to go to war with Hitler for the benefit of the Military Industrial Complex

OKC- 168 killed to Cover up investigations into Clinton Foundation, destroy material related to the JFK assassination and to introduce the “Anti Terror legislation Act”

Other false flags that gave new legislation;

Libya invasion
London Bombing
Las Vegas shooting
Sandy Hook
Gulf of Tonkin

And many others, remember the secret societies that infiltrated our government simply don’t care about American people, only their agenda for world dominance