Stephen Gardner and guest discuss how the Military Industrial Complex has evolved

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[00:00.000 --> 00:11.280]  The what I call the Mickey Matt, not just the Mick that is in how I talked about the military industrial complex. I call it if you got a pencil, you might write this down. It's on a final.
[00:12.560 --> 00:29.080]  Okay, military industrial, congressional, intelligence, media, academia, think tank complex, Mickey Matt rhyme sort of with Mickey Mouse, so you can remember it.
[00:29.080 --> 00:37.200]  Okay, it's big. It's the way to make the military as a complex as it evolved, just as, just as I did in how I wore it.
[00:38.280 --> 00:49.240]  In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought by the military industrial complex.
[00:50.320 --> 00:55.640]  The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
[00:56.640 --> 01:04.640]  We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted.
[01:05.640 --> 01:21.640]  Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.
[01:22.640 --> 01:33.640]  A kin to and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial military posture has been the technological revolution during recent decades.
[01:34.640 --> 01:42.640]  In this revolution, research has become central. It also becomes more formalized, complex and costly.
[01:43.640 --> 01:50.640]  A steadily increasing share is conducted for, by or at the direction of the federal government.
[01:51.640 --> 02:02.640]  Today, the solitary inventor tinkering in his shock has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields.
[02:03.640 --> 02:17.640]  In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research,
[02:18.640 --> 02:27.640]  partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity.
[02:28.640 --> 02:34.640]  For every old blackboard, there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.
[02:35.640 --> 02:47.640]  The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by federal employment, project allocations and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.
[02:48.640 --> 03:03.640]  Yet in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific,
[03:04.640 --> 03:17.640]  technological elite. Is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance and to integrate these and other forces new and old within the principles of our democratic system,
[03:18.640 --> 03:22.640]  ever aiming toward the supreme goals of our free society.
[03:23.640 --> 03:30.640]  The military, industrial, congressional complex, I like to stick that back in there and you'll see why.
[03:30.640 --> 03:35.640]  It's going to make you mad when you see what this, the influences has over congressmen and senators.
[03:35.640 --> 03:44.640]  Here it is. The Congressional Armed Services Committee has 48 senior members, acting senior members, and they vote on the Defense Authorization Act.
[03:44.640 --> 03:47.640]  They just voted the act again, increased it.
[03:47.640 --> 03:55.640]  They vote on the Defense Authorization Act and they decide which of the major military industrial corporations get the money.
[03:55.640 --> 04:02.640]  Lockheed Martin, one of the big dogs on the block, they do surveillance on us for the US government.
[04:02.640 --> 04:16.640]  Lockheed Martin holds the contract to monitor everything that we do with the International Revenue Service, all of your paper correspondence, your telephone calls and anything you do with the IRS is monitored by Lockheed Martin.
[04:17.640 --> 04:24.640]  On the part of the MIC, the military industrial complex. General Dynamics, a big one, bombs, planes and missiles.
[04:24.640 --> 04:28.640]  That's what these people do. Do you think that their motivation is peace?
[04:28.640 --> 04:33.640]  Or do you think their motivation is war and let's keep cranking this stuff out because we've got to get more contracts?
[04:33.640 --> 04:34.640]  That's the system.
[04:34.640 --> 04:45.640]  Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, and of course, this is where Booz Allen Hamilton, Edward Snowden, he came out of them, we'll talk a little bit more about that later was Booz.
[04:45.640 --> 04:54.640]  Booz goes way back. This, in the military industrial complex, one trillion, one trillion with a T, annual spending for defense-related purposes.
[04:54.640 --> 04:59.640]  And guess who the biggest arms dealer in the world is?
[04:59.640 --> 05:05.640]  Us. The United States government. I wish I could say I used to be involved in that, but I can't.
[05:06.640 --> 05:13.640]  46 billion a year in foreign arms sales to governments like Pakistan that hate us.
[05:13.640 --> 05:17.640]  And Saudi Arabia, whose basic doctrine is the elimination of the West.
[05:17.640 --> 05:19.640]  And we're giving this kind of money to these people.
[05:19.640 --> 05:34.640]  Now, I want you to look at these congressmen and senators. These military industrial contractors give an average of $700,000 a year in contributions to these congressmen and senators' re-election campaigns and their leadership packs.
[05:34.640 --> 05:43.640]  Political action committees. $700,000 a year come out of these companies into these congressmen and senators.
[05:43.640 --> 05:48.640]  One of the most prominent ones is this fellow, John McCain.
[05:48.640 --> 05:56.640]  Personally, humbly, I call him the shadow senator. He is so deeply tied into the shadow government at deep state, it's almost nauseating.
[05:56.640 --> 06:07.640]  He gets $694,508 a year into his pocket for supporting war, arms, bullets, and bombs, and the military industrial complex.
[06:07.640 --> 06:13.640]  War's big business for old John. That's why we saw his picture with al-Qaeda members over in Syria, smiling.
[06:13.640 --> 06:16.640]  And it turns out one of them is al-Qaeda and the other is an ISIS leader.
[06:16.640 --> 06:21.640]  That's what happens when you get into greed and power without even knowing it.
[06:21.640 --> 06:23.640]  Maybe you wind up with the wrong crowd.
[06:23.640 --> 06:27.640]  So, can you see where the influence is on our elected officials?
[06:27.640 --> 06:31.640]  This is just one fragment of the iceberg here.
[06:31.640 --> 06:36.640]  They tell us one thing. We're going to improve your financial life and your peace and security.
[06:36.640 --> 06:39.640]  Then they go to Washington and they do something exactly the opposite.
[06:39.640 --> 06:46.640]  They vote for covert wars, bloody conflicts in Syria where we have been responsible for over 500,000 deaths now in Syria.
[06:46.640 --> 06:50.640]  The place is just blown to bits by the moderate Free Syrian Army.
[06:50.640 --> 07:01.640]  The Free Syrian Army went into a Christian village and the Islamic U.S. supported F.C. Free Syrian Army massacred an entire village of Christians that were protected by the Assad regime.
[07:01.640 --> 07:04.640]  Do you hear that in the media anywhere? No, of course not.
[07:04.640 --> 07:07.640]  No. The deep state and the shadow government, they want it.
[07:07.640 --> 07:09.640]  Yes, it's very important.
[07:09.640 --> 07:10.640]  Free or not?
[07:10.640 --> 07:12.640]  No, you're free.
[07:12.640 --> 07:13.640]  Yes.
[07:13.640 --> 07:14.640]  And we will be.
[07:14.640 --> 07:16.640]  And the Russians are dying.
[07:16.640 --> 07:18.640]  So the best one we've ever spoken of.
[07:19.640 --> 07:23.640]  Now, why do I say media in the middle there?
[07:23.640 --> 07:26.640]  Because media is the fulcrum.
[07:26.640 --> 07:34.640]  It's the scene eight going on. You can't do this stuff without the media completely distorting the threat.
[07:34.640 --> 07:43.640]  It's my view and it's supportable by all the evidence we see in the church committee report and the committee report and other collateral information.
[07:43.640 --> 07:47.640]  The CIA is not an intelligence agency. It's a covert action agency.
[07:47.640 --> 07:52.640]  Covert action being overthrowing or supporting foreign governments.
[07:52.640 --> 07:55.640]  Another part of covert action is disinformation.
[07:55.640 --> 08:02.640]  And the American people, in my estimation, are the primary target audience of the agency's disinformation operation.
[08:02.640 --> 08:12.640]  And I view Vietnam, the entire Vietnam War was brought to us, as sole to us, by agency disinformation operations.
[08:12.640 --> 08:16.640]  I say us, I mean the American people.
[08:16.640 --> 08:20.640]  Well, that had to be done, of course, through the press.
[08:20.640 --> 08:24.640]  How else would one reach the American public?
[08:24.640 --> 08:33.640]  Well, how does the CIA, how does the CIA develop its relationship with the press?
[08:33.640 --> 08:36.640]  Well, it happens on many levels in many different ways.
[08:36.640 --> 08:41.640]  It could be a director of agency contact with a publisher.
[08:41.640 --> 08:47.640]  Or it could be a lower level agency employee with a lower level person or managing editor.
[08:47.640 --> 08:56.640]  Or it could be hiring agent people, agency people, and placing them in the news organization.
[08:56.640 --> 09:02.640]  Or it could be giving information to a reporter and winning his good will.
[09:02.640 --> 09:06.640]  It could be just a friendship sort of basis.
[09:06.640 --> 09:12.640]  It sort of covers the scheme of relationships that you can have, you know, in any social situation.
[09:12.640 --> 09:18.640]  This relationship demands participation on the part of the press, though, does it not?
[09:18.640 --> 09:19.640]  Of course.
[09:19.640 --> 09:21.640]  Well, how does it participate?
[09:21.640 --> 09:23.640]  It can participate in many ways.
[09:23.640 --> 09:27.640]  It can publish articles that the agency wants published.
[09:27.640 --> 09:31.640]  Knowingly publish it because the CIA wants it done.
[09:31.640 --> 09:32.640]  Oh, yes.
[09:32.640 --> 09:33.640]  Well, both.
[09:33.640 --> 09:37.640]  Knowingly, most of the time, I would guess.
[09:37.640 --> 09:47.640]  And sometimes the information is passed to a reporter as valid information, a good scoop, if you will, when it's just a planted propaganda.
[09:47.640 --> 09:57.640]  So the agency uses the press in numerous ways to achieve what I call illusion-building properties.
[09:57.640 --> 10:11.640]  The Trump campaign is accusing Twitter and Facebook of censorship after the social media companies blocked the spread of an unverified story about former Vice President Joe Biden's son and the laptop allegedly full of his old emails.
[10:11.640 --> 10:18.640]  It's a story raising concerns about whether it's real or just designed to sow confusion in the final weeks of the election.
[10:18.640 --> 10:22.640]  Experts say it has all the hallmarks of information laundering.
[10:22.640 --> 10:26.640]  This looks like your classic disinformation campaign.
[10:26.640 --> 10:29.640]  Erick O'Neill is a former FBI operative.
[10:29.640 --> 10:40.640]  Still the information with a cyber attack, get the emails from Hunter Biden's account, and then put them on these laptops that are left at a repair store, and that's how the information is now laundered into the public.
[10:40.640 --> 10:42.640]  Who do you think is behind this?
[10:42.640 --> 10:45.640]  Well, the Russians would be my number one guess.
[10:45.640 --> 10:49.640]  Social media outlets were quick to limit the spread of the story.
[10:49.640 --> 10:56.640]  Twitter briefly suspending the accounts of the Trump campaign and White House press secretary after they tried to share it.
[10:56.640 --> 11:00.640]  Twitter and Facebook have limited the distribution of that Hunter Biden story.
[11:00.640 --> 11:08.640]  And last night, Twitter appeared to suspend the Twitter account of White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany when she tried to share that story.
[11:08.640 --> 11:14.640]  Damn, you know a story is shady when Facebook is saying, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
[11:14.640 --> 11:16.640]  Maybe people shouldn't see this.
[11:16.640 --> 11:22.640]  For a long time, Giuliani has been openly working to dig up dirt and promote disinformation on the Bidens.
[11:22.640 --> 11:35.640]  And now the Washington Post is also reporting that the intelligence community was so concerned that the Russians were using Giuliani to feed Russian disinformation to the President that they warned the White House about it last year.
[11:35.640 --> 11:49.640]  We're being told by two people who have been briefed on what the FBI is doing is that they're looking into whether these unverified emails about Hunter Biden published by the New York Post about foreign business dealings are part of the bigger Russian disinformation effort,
[11:49.640 --> 11:53.640]  which is well underway in these final days of the 2020 race.
[11:53.640 --> 12:01.640]  The intelligence community has said for months that Russia is very actively engaged in a disinformation campaign in the 2020 election,
[12:01.640 --> 12:07.640]  in particular against Joe Biden to denigrate his campaign in favor of President Trump.
[12:07.640 --> 12:15.640]  I think there are a lot of issues related to this New York Post story that it reportedly referenced the Hunter Biden emails.
[12:15.640 --> 12:23.640]  And as I and several of my former colleagues have pointed out publicly that it does bear the hallmarks of Russian disinformation.
[12:23.640 --> 12:33.640]  Tell Committee Chair Adam Schiff, who said this discussion over Hunter Biden and the story that came out in the New York Post that is highly questionable and dubiously sourced is part of a Russian disinformation campaign.
[12:33.640 --> 12:42.640]  Well, what I can tell you for sure is that Rudy Giuliani was the source of this hard drive and this information for the New York Post story.
[12:42.640 --> 12:52.640]  Also, the intelligence community has been saying repeatedly that Rudy Giuliani is the vehicle for Russian disinformation right now about Hunter Biden and the Bidens,
[12:52.640 --> 13:05.640]  to say that there's no evidence that somehow these emails and text messages or this hard drive is part of a potentially a Russian disinformation campaign doesn't make any sense to me, Hallie.
[13:05.640 --> 13:11.640]  They're Biden story, which we haven't covered as much for journalistic reasons because of the lack of verification.
[13:11.640 --> 13:14.640]  We don't put unverified disinformation on.
[13:14.640 --> 13:23.640]  It's not every day where you see a headline like former New York City Mayor, President's personal lawyer and longtime friend.
[13:23.640 --> 13:31.640]  White House was warned that Rudy was the target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation to Trump.
[13:31.640 --> 13:48.640]  My colleagues at the post reported tonight, a pretty explosive story, which is that US intelligence agencies believed that Rudy Giuliani was being worked over by Russian intelligence assets as a conduit to feed misinformation to the President of the United States.
[13:48.640 --> 14:04.640]  Apparently, according to US intelligence, the Russians were on to him and we're using Giuliani's interest in Ukraine to feed him misinformation to get to the President and to try to influence the American political process, and that's a big deal.
[14:04.640 --> 14:11.640]  Serious questions tonight about whether the Russians are using Rudy Giuliani to interfere in the US presidential election.
[14:11.640 --> 14:22.640]  Alex, there are fears that what Giuliani is now pushing here in the United States could actually be part of Russia's latest and very massive disinformation campaign in the US presidential election.
[14:23.640 --> 14:35.640]  We do know that it's a very active Russian campaign. That's according to the US intelligence community and that Rudy Giuliani already had open contact with a person that the US has called an agent for the Kremlin.
[14:35.640 --> 14:50.640]  Now, we are being told by two people who've been briefed on what the FBI is doing, that they're looking into whether these unverified emails about Hunter Biden that were published earlier this week by the New York Post about his business dealings in Ukraine and China
[14:50.640 --> 14:55.640]  are part of this bigger Russian disinformation effort in the 2020 election.
[14:55.640 --> 15:03.640]  Now, those efforts, according to the intelligence community, are to denigrate the Biden campaign and the former vice president in favor of President Trump.
[15:03.640 --> 15:11.640]  Over the past few days, President Trump has highlighted a report by the New York Post about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son.
[15:11.640 --> 15:16.640]  There are major questions about the origins and the accuracy of that story.
[15:16.640 --> 15:20.640]  The president's personal attorney was peddling Russian disinformation.
[15:20.640 --> 15:33.640]  Former senior intelligence official tells me that President Trump was warned Giuliani's information was likely Russian disinformation by national security adviser Robert O'Brien, CIA director Gina Haspel,
[15:33.640 --> 15:45.640]  director of national intelligence Joe Maguire, White House counsel Pat Cipolloni, attorney general Bill Barr, all told the president not to trust Giuliani, and this was first reported duty by the Washington.
[15:45.640 --> 15:48.640]  The Biden campaign says that this is Russian disinformation.
[15:48.640 --> 15:59.640]  New questions today about an unverified report in the New York Post on Joe Biden's son, Hunter, among them is Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal lawyer tied to a Russian effort to influence the US election.
[15:59.640 --> 16:08.640]  The US spy agencies have gathered intelligence that the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was dealing with alleged Russian intelligence agencies.
[16:08.640 --> 16:25.640]  Last week, Giuliani and former Trump official Steve Bannon provided the New York Post with unverified emails, allegedly linking one of Hunter Biden's Ukrainian partners with a possible meeting with Joe Biden when he was vice president, a meeting the Biden campaign says never took place.
[16:25.640 --> 16:31.640]  Experts say the emails cannot be authenticated. Some may have been altered or are fake.
[16:31.640 --> 16:40.640]  We have no idea whether or not the emails are legitimate, but this whole operation looks right out of the Kremlin playbook, hack and dump.
[16:40.640 --> 16:50.640]  Tonight, there are growing questions about the man once known as America's mayor, Rudy Giuliani, and if he is being used by Russia to influence the 2020 presidential campaign.
[16:51.640 --> 16:57.640]  President Trump on the attack today, going after Joe Biden and his family with dubious accusations.
[16:57.640 --> 17:01.640]  I'll tell you what, it's an organized crime family, as far as I'm concerned.
[17:01.640 --> 17:08.640]  The president is referencing a tabloid newspaper story with emails purportedly swiped from the vice president's son, Hunter.
[17:08.640 --> 17:19.640]  But CBS News has learned the president was personally warned by the national security advisor, Robert O'Brien, that the man who provided the information to the tabloid, his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and his wife.
[17:19.640 --> 17:34.640]  The attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was the target of a Russian influence campaign aimed at discrediting Biden. CBS News has learned the FBI is now looking into whether the information found on the device may be part of a Russian disinformation campaign.
[17:34.640 --> 17:52.640]  This looks like Russian intelligence. This walks like Russian intelligence. This talks like Russian intelligence. This effort by Rudy Giuliani and the New York Post and Steve Bannon to cook up supposed dirt on Joe Biden looks like a classic Russian playbook disinformation campaign.
[17:53.640 --> 18:07.640]  So when the intelligence community goes in and warns Donald Trump that Rudy Giuliani is being worked over by Russian intelligence and then Rudy Giuliani suddenly comes forward with these mysteriously created emails probably hacked through a Russian intelligence operation.
[18:07.640 --> 18:17.640]  We have to acknowledge the fact that the president of the United States is supporting, is condoning, is welcoming a Russian intelligence operation in 2020.
[18:18.640 --> 18:28.640]  Nicole, this is collusion in plain sight. This is this classic textbook Soviet Russian trade craft at work.
[18:28.640 --> 18:42.640]  The Russians have analyzed the target. They understand that the president and his enablers crave dirt on vice president Biden, whether it's real or contrived. It doesn't matter to them.
[18:43.640 --> 18:54.640]  And so all of a sudden, two and a half weeks before the election, this laptop appears somehow without an email zone, without any metadata.
[18:54.640 --> 19:06.640]  It's just, it's all very curious. But the, so here you have a willing target and the Russians who are very sophisticated about how to exploit a willing target.
[19:07.640 --> 19:19.640]  And to me, that's what's at work. The FBI says this laptop is not Russian disinformation. So what are you talking about here? This laptop is real. It's not just the laptop. There's other emails. There's text messages.
[19:19.640 --> 19:28.640]  They are real. So according to the government, I know everybody to look at that. But that's not what we're hearing from this.
[19:29.640 --> 19:38.640]  This is the one of the most powerful families in Washington, the Biden family. And you're okay. You're okay with our interest being sold out to profit.
[19:38.640 --> 19:47.640]  Joe Biden and his family, when, when we're suffering during a pandemic from communist trying to keep doing business deals with communist trying to be comfortable. Okay.
[19:47.640 --> 19:55.640]  As, as you know perfectly well, I'm a journalist and a reporter and I follow the facts. And there has never been any issues in terms of corruption.
[19:55.640 --> 20:06.640]  Now, let me ask you this. Yesterday, the FBI. I'm talking about reporting and any evidence. I'm talking to you now.
[20:06.640 --> 20:13.640]  Okay. I would love if you guys start doing that DIs and start doing that verification. No, we're not going to do your work for you.
[20:13.640 --> 20:21.640]  I want to ask you a question. The FBI. It's a journalist's job to find out if this is verified.
[20:21.640 --> 20:27.640]  I think it's one of the biggest scandals I've ever seen. And you don't cover it. You want to talk about it?
[20:27.640 --> 20:33.640]  Well, because it can't be verified. I want to talk about insignificant things. I'm telling you. Of course it can be verified.
[20:33.640 --> 20:41.640]  Excuse me. They found the laptop. Leslie. Leslie. What can't be verified? The laptop. Why do you say that?
[20:41.640 --> 20:46.640]  Was that your laptop? For real. I don't know. I know. But you know that this is- I really don't know. Okay.
[20:46.640 --> 20:52.640]  You don't know, yes or no, if the laptop wasn't yours. I don't have any idea. I have no idea. So it could have been yours?
[20:52.640 --> 20:57.640]  Of course, certainly. There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. There could be that I was hacked.
[20:57.640 --> 21:03.640]  It could be that it was the- that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me.
[21:03.640 --> 21:09.640]  And you didn't drop off a laptop to be repaired? No. Not that I remember at all.
[21:09.640 --> 21:23.640]  In October 2020, a New York Post article said that emails purportedly showing shady dealings in Ukraine by Hunter Biden were found on a laptop computer that he supposedly left in a Delaware repair shop in 2019.
[21:23.640 --> 21:36.640]  The details were sketchy at best. And last month, a declassified intelligence report said that before the election, the Russians had launched a smear campaign against Joe Biden and his family.
[21:36.640 --> 21:44.640]  Take a look at what's going on last week. And then you say that shouldn't be discussed. I'm saying it's the biggest scandal out there last week.
[21:44.640 --> 21:48.640]  And you think it's the biggest issue to campaign on? I think it's-
[21:48.640 --> 21:58.640]  Does it surprise you at all that this information Rudy Giuliani is peddling? Very well could be connected to some sort of Russian government disinformation campaign?
[21:59.640 --> 22:05.640]  And, you know, the idea that the president, that the White House counsel and others were made-
[22:05.640 --> 22:17.640]  Well, we know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin. That's been clear for well over a year now that they've been pushing this false narrative about the Vice President and his son.
[22:17.640 --> 22:28.640]  Clearly, the origins of this whole smear are from the Kremlin, and the president is only too happy to have Kremlin help in trying to amplify it.
[22:28.640 --> 22:41.640]  It's not like Rudy Giuliani is peddling this information in a vacuum congressman. Take a look at this picture of the president in the Oval Office holding up a copy of the New York Post touting this conspiracy theory.
[22:41.640 --> 22:47.640]  It's made its way all the way to the commander-in-chief with a big smile on his face.
[22:47.640 --> 22:56.640]  Yes. Well, look, I think we know who the driving force behind this smear has been all along, and it's been the president and the Kremlin.
[22:56.640 --> 23:04.640]  The Kremlin has an obvious interest in denigrating Joe Biden. They want Donald Trump to win. They recognize he's a weak president.
[23:04.640 --> 23:17.640]  He's been utterly unwilling to stand up to Putin and other autocrats. He has diminished NATO. He has criticized and weakened our alliance with our transatlantic partners.
[23:17.640 --> 23:25.640]  He's been the gift that doesn't stop giving for the Kremlin, so clearly they want to help him, so they want to denigrate the Vice President.
[23:25.640 --> 23:35.640]  The intelligence community has made that abundantly clear, and this particular smear, though, has also been acknowledged to come from the Kremlin.
[23:35.640 --> 23:46.640]  And there it is in the Oval Office, another wonderful propaganda coup for Vladimir Putin, seeing the president of the United States holding up a newspaper promoting Kremlin propaganda.
[23:46.640 --> 23:48.640]  It's really incredible.
[23:48.640 --> 24:06.640]  The Washington Post, as you saw, is reporting that when the president was actually warned of concerns about Giuliani and where he was getting all this information, warned by U.S. intelligence law enforcement authorities, the president simply shrugged his shoulders and responded, that's Rudy.
[24:06.640 --> 24:15.640]  How much is that part of the problem here, that the president, at least, according to this reporting in the Washington Post, doesn't seem to care?
[24:15.640 --> 24:27.640]  Well, it's a big part of the problem, and we know for a long time, Rudy Giuliani doesn't run the president, the president runs Rudy Giuliani.
[24:27.640 --> 24:37.640]  Giuliani is doing the president's bidding. He was doing the president's bidding late last year, and earlier this year in Ukraine, he was doing the president's bidding when he was meeting with an agent of the Kremlin.
[24:37.640 --> 24:52.640]  He was doing the president's bidding when he was pushing out this smear and trying to get the Ukrainians to push out this smear of his opponent, because he was definitely afraid of being exactly where we are right now, which is less than three weeks from the election, losing badly to Joe Biden.
[24:52.640 --> 25:01.640]  But the fact that he would continue to do it, I guess, at this point shouldn't surprise us, but this is the story of Donald Trump.
[25:01.640 --> 25:13.640]  Utter unwillingness to stand up to the Kremlin, a willingness to use their help, no matter how dishonest and disreputable, a willingness to undermine our own elections by getting Kremlin help and amplifying it.
[25:13.640 --> 25:18.640]  And there's only one remedy at this point, and that's to vote him out.
[25:18.640 --> 25:34.640]  Have you, as a member of the gang of eight, the top leadership in the Congress, the Senate, and the House and members of the Intelligence Committee, have you been formally briefed on what the Russians are up to right now and trying to peddle this kind of information?
[25:34.640 --> 25:45.640]  Well, I was in the Intelligence Committee today to see what the latest was, and frankly, we haven't gotten much from the Intelligence Community very recently, which concerns me.
[25:45.640 --> 25:58.640]  They have at times some of the leadership, like the Director, Radcliffe, not been very forthcoming in terms of the intelligence on the Russian threat and been promoting this false equivalence with other countries.
[25:58.640 --> 26:04.640]  So, you know, I wish I could tell you more, Wolf, I wish the Intelligence Community was in liberty to tell the public more.
[26:04.640 --> 26:06.640]  But we do know this.
[26:06.640 --> 26:11.640]  The Russians are once again actively involved in trying to delegate, denigrate the Vice President.
[26:11.640 --> 26:20.640]  Donald Trump is helping them, and we know that they are amplifying the President's misinformation about absentee ballots.
[26:20.640 --> 26:24.640]  This is another gift the President is giving the Russians.
[26:24.640 --> 26:33.640]  Unlike 2016, when the Russians had to make up this stuff, they now can simply use the President's own false statements and amplify them.
[26:33.640 --> 26:41.640]  It is extraordinary, Wolf, that a President of the United States is telling his own citizens and the rest of the world that America can't hold a free and fair election.
[26:41.640 --> 26:47.640]  The Kremlin just has to push out that false narrative by the President of the United States.
[26:47.640 --> 26:50.640]  Congressman Adam Schiff, thank you so much for joining us.
[26:50.640 --> 26:53.640]  Today, to call Biden a criminal. Why is that?
[26:53.640 --> 26:55.640]  He is a criminal, he's a criminal.
[26:55.640 --> 27:00.640]  He got caught, read his laptop, and you know who's a criminal, you're a criminal for not reporting it.
[27:00.640 --> 27:03.640]  You are a criminal for not reporting it.
[27:03.640 --> 27:05.640]  Let me tell you something.
[27:05.640 --> 27:11.640]  Joe Biden is a criminal, and he's been a criminal for a long time, and you're a criminal in the media for not reporting it.
[27:11.640 --> 27:13.640]  Good luck, everybody. Have a good time.
[27:13.640 --> 27:21.640]  The President has said, and you have tweeted, that allegations of wrongdoing based on files pulled from Hunter Biden's laptop are Russian disinformation.
[27:21.640 --> 27:26.640]  There's a new book by political reporter that finds some of the files on there are genuine.
[27:26.640 --> 27:29.640]  Is the White House still going with Russian disinformation?
[27:29.640 --> 27:36.640]  I think it's broadly known and widely known, Peter, that there was a broad range of Russian disinformation back in 2020.
[27:36.640 --> 27:44.640]  50 former national intelligence folks, who said that what this he's accusing me of is a Russian plan.
[27:44.640 --> 27:53.640]  They have said that this is, has all the care, four, five former heads of the CIA, both parties, say what he's saying is a bunch of garbage.
[27:53.640 --> 27:55.640]  This is classic Trump.
[27:55.640 --> 27:58.640]  We have four days left, and all of a sudden there's a laptop.
[27:58.640 --> 28:03.640]  There's overwhelming evidence from the intelligence community that the Russians are engaged.
[28:03.640 --> 28:12.640]  I still think that the stories from the fall about your time here for Russian disinformation has been said.
[28:12.640 --> 28:14.640]  Yes, yes, yes.
[28:14.640 --> 28:17.640]  I know you've asked, and I have no response to another spirit campaign.
[28:17.640 --> 28:21.640]  It's the last it's effort in this desperate campaign to smear me and my family.
[28:21.640 --> 28:27.640]  The vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said there's no basis at all.
[28:28.640 --> 28:44.640]  I get calls from my father to tell me that the New York Times is calling, but my old partner Eric, who literally has done me harm for, I don't know how long, is the one taking the calls because my father will not stop sending the calls to Eric.
[28:45.640 --> 29:08.640]  I have another New York Times report calling about my representation of the, literally, Dr. Patrick O, the fucking spy chief of China, who started the company that my partner, who was worth $323 billion, found it.
[29:08.640 --> 29:10.640]  It is now missing.
[29:10.640 --> 29:14.640]  The richest man in the world is missing, who was my partner.
[29:14.640 --> 29:27.640]  He was missing since I last saw him in his 58 million dollar apartment and signed a $4 billion deal to build the fucking largest fucking LNG court in the world.
[29:28.640 --> 29:35.640]  And I am receiving calls from the subject to New York, but he was a dream self.
[29:35.640 --> 29:42.640]  My best friend in business, Devin, has named me as a witness without telling me.
[29:42.640 --> 29:45.640]  In a criminal case, and my father.
[29:46.640 --> 29:50.640]  Now, why do I say media in the middle there?
[29:50.640 --> 29:53.640]  Because media is the fulcrum.
[29:53.640 --> 29:55.640]  It's the scene a quite on.
[29:55.640 --> 30:01.640]  You can't do this stuff without the media completely distorting the threat.
[30:01.640 --> 30:10.640]  The media has most of us Americans persuaded that if Russia prevails in Ukraine, the Baltic states are next and then Poland.
[30:10.640 --> 30:20.640]  There's not a sintilla of evidence that Putin or anybody else in Moscow has their designs on invading Poland or the Baltics or anywhere else.
[30:20.640 --> 30:23.640]  Ukraine is a special case.
[30:23.640 --> 30:26.640]  We were warned about that in 2008.
[30:26.640 --> 30:36.640]  As a matter of fact, Bill Burns now has the CIA was warned about that personally by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
[30:36.640 --> 30:42.640]  He was called in and they said Lavrov says Mr. Burns.
[30:42.640 --> 30:45.640]  Do you know what net means?
[30:45.640 --> 30:46.640]  Well, yeah.
[30:46.640 --> 30:50.640]  He said, well, net means net Ukraine in NATO.
[30:50.640 --> 30:52.640]  That's a red line for us.
[30:52.640 --> 30:53.640]  Okay.
[30:53.640 --> 31:05.640]  If you accept Ukraine in NATO, there will be a civil war and we will have to decide we Russians as to whether we will have to intervene in that civil war.
[31:05.640 --> 31:10.640]  So, net means net tell your people back in Washington.
[31:10.640 --> 31:14.640]  Now to his credit, Burns did that.
[31:14.640 --> 31:22.640]  The title of the cable is net means yet Russia's red line on NATO for Ukraine and Georgia.
[31:22.640 --> 31:23.640]  Okay.
[31:23.640 --> 31:24.640]  And then he spelled this all out.
[31:24.640 --> 31:25.640]  It's a really good cable.
[31:25.640 --> 31:29.640]  We have it thanks to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.
[31:29.640 --> 31:30.640]  Okay.
[31:30.640 --> 31:31.640]  What do they do?
[31:31.640 --> 31:36.640]  Well, it was the last year of the Bush Chaney administration.
[31:36.640 --> 31:40.640]  They just thumb their nose and got the allies to approve.
[31:40.640 --> 31:49.640]  To say in Bucharest in 2008, April, they said Ukraine and Georgia will become part of NATO.
[31:49.640 --> 32:00.640]  Well, you know, that's a direct threat to Russia, especially the way it turned out because in 2014, and many people don't realize this because it's not in the news.
[32:00.640 --> 32:05.640]  In 2014 came the most blatant crew in history.
[32:05.640 --> 32:07.640]  Just to refresh you.
[32:07.640 --> 32:15.640]  We overthrew that is the Western and playing on a lot of Nazi forces, pro-Dazi forces in here.
[32:15.640 --> 32:25.640]  We overthrew the duly constituted lightly pro-Russian, duly elected regime of Yamukovic in here.
[32:26.640 --> 32:46.640]  Now, that involved a lot of double crossing, including calls from Obama to Putin, including calls from the Secretary of State to his opposite number in Russia.
[32:46.640 --> 32:47.640]  Don't worry about it.
[32:47.640 --> 32:49.640]  Everything's going to be all right.
[32:49.640 --> 32:51.640]  Just tell the other Congress get out of town.
[32:51.640 --> 32:53.640]  Well, we know what happened.
[32:53.640 --> 32:57.640]  Now, Americans need to know this because this was advertised.
[32:57.640 --> 33:07.640]  This coup is the most blatant coup in history because it was advertised two and a half weeks before on YouTube.
[33:07.640 --> 33:09.640]  I'm not kidding you.
[33:09.640 --> 33:21.640]  There was an intercepted conversation between the Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Victoria Newland, and the U.S. Ambassador in here.
[33:21.640 --> 33:28.640]  His name was Jeffrey Payett, and they're arranging these people who would be coming in to take over the government.
[33:28.640 --> 33:33.640]  And they're saying, among other things, that they have it all orchestrated.
[33:33.640 --> 33:46.640]  And if need be, if they need an international personage to come in and sort of concrete glue the steel, Joe Biden is available.
[33:47.640 --> 33:49.640]  I don't think cleats should go into the government.
[33:49.640 --> 33:50.640]  I don't think it's necessary.
[33:50.640 --> 33:51.640]  I don't think it's a good idea.
[33:51.640 --> 33:56.640]  In terms of him not going into the government, just let him sort of stay out and do his political homework and stuff.
[33:56.640 --> 34:03.640]  I'm just thinking, in terms of sort of the process moving ahead, we want to keep the moderate Democrats together.
[34:03.640 --> 34:06.640]  The problem is going to be Tony Book and his guys.
[34:06.640 --> 34:10.640]  And, you know, I'm sure that's part of what Yanukovych is calculating on all of this.
[34:10.640 --> 34:15.640]  I think Yahtz is the guy who's got the economic experience, the governing experience.
[34:15.640 --> 34:19.640]  He's the guy, you know, what he needs is Cleach and Tony Book on the outside.
[34:19.640 --> 34:23.640]  He needs to be talking to them four times a week, you know.
[34:23.640 --> 34:30.640]  I just think, Cleach going in, he's going to be at that level working for Yahtzanyuk. It's just not going to work.
[34:30.640 --> 34:37.640]  There is a suggestion for Newland to contact Klitschko directly to play to his top dog sensibilities.
[34:37.640 --> 34:41.640]  On Newland refers to getting the United Nations involved in a political solution.
[34:41.640 --> 34:44.640]  And that's where the unfortunate comment arises.
[34:44.640 --> 34:57.640]  I'm obviously not going to comment on private diplomatic conversations, other than to say it was pretty impressive trade craft.
[34:57.640 --> 35:00.640]  The audio was extremely clear.
[35:00.640 --> 35:04.640]  Well, how do we know that, says the ambassador in here?
[35:04.640 --> 35:15.640]  Well, we just got a cable from Jake Sullivan, who was Biden's national security advisor then, as vice president, and now as president.
[35:15.640 --> 35:20.640]  And he tells us, Yahya, the Joe will come in and solidify the deal. Let's all set up, you know.
[35:20.640 --> 35:23.640]  Now they didn't need Joe to come in with you.
[35:23.640 --> 35:26.640]  But here are the Russians watching all this, right?
[35:26.640 --> 35:30.640]  Who changed in Sochi? Again, Olympics.
[35:30.640 --> 35:41.640]  This time, Summer Olympics, okay? He doesn't even come back to Washington until the day after the coup, because like me, he thought, well, that coup was blown.
[35:41.640 --> 35:47.640]  You know, when you blow a coup on YouTube, it's not going to happen. Well, it did happen.
[35:47.640 --> 35:50.640]  And the results are what we see now.
[35:50.640 --> 36:01.640]  The Ukrainians immediately forbade Russian as a official language, even though more than 30% of the Ukrainians speak Russian or their primary language.
[36:01.640 --> 36:06.640]  And of course, they said we now need to get into NATO.
[36:07.640 --> 36:23.640]  So, the worst thing that could have happened to Russia at that point would be to have their only naval, their only all year round ice-free naval base in Sibastopol, in Crimea, between NATO, okay?
[36:23.640 --> 36:29.640]  Well, there were plebiscites there, and they voted to be annexed.
[36:29.640 --> 36:32.640]  Let's see, we'll use them a word, annexed to Russia.
[36:32.640 --> 36:34.640]  So that's the way it all started.
[36:34.640 --> 36:48.640]  And when you have a blatant coup like that, and people prefer to start history at the 23rd of July 23rd, the day after the coup, okay?
[36:48.640 --> 36:54.640]  That's what they all start the history at now. Putin decided to seize Crimea, okay?
[36:54.640 --> 37:11.640]  Well, there's not once until the evidence that it ever entered his head, or anybody else's head, that they're going to seize Crimea until there was a coup in Kiev on the 22nd of February 2014.
[37:12.640 --> 37:14.640]  Yes, it's very important.
[37:16.640 --> 37:17.640]  Now we are free.
[37:17.640 --> 37:18.640]  Yes, and we will be.
[37:18.640 --> 37:20.640]  And the Russians are down.
[37:20.640 --> 37:22.640]  So the best money we've ever spent.