Part 11 - Tim Osman and BlueBeam

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Part 11
Tim Osman and BlueBeam

Who is Osama Bin Laden, well it may come to shock you that his actual name is Tim Osman, or Colonel Tim Osman, a CIA asset and Mossad agent who worked with the Justice Department

This man is credited as being the top most wanted terrorist in history, but yet somehow his profile on the FBI website of Top most wanted didn’t include the events of 911, doesn’t that seem odd?

Tim Osman (Osama bin Laden) was actually on dialysis during the events of 911, he was very ill and ultimately passed away at December 15 2001 due to kidney failure and other complications

However, the establishment media complex wants you to believe that the highest ranking terrorist known in America was simply assassinated after decades of failure to find him, then put on board a old Vietnam era chopper only to be thrown into the sea thus eliminating all evidence and the shooting down of seal team 6 thus removing any witnesses, therefore all evidence of the most wanted terrorist in history was removed…

Unfortunately the establishment media fails to understand the power of independent journalism, such as James Fetzer, who did a brilliant breakdown of No Planes, BlueBeam, FBI placing evidence, the failure of cell phone calls, and so much more

🚨Amazing breakdown of the 911 cover up by James Fetzer🚨