1- The Empire of the Three City States

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What is the Empire of the Three City State? It’s the 3 branches of World Government to destroy individual nations to usher in a One Nation Government over the rule of every person

Although geographically separate, the three city states of the Vatican, the Corporation of London, and the District of Columbia are one interlocking empire called The Empire of the City. The flag of the District of Columbia has three red stars, one for each city state in the three city empire

The Three Corporate Empires of Control:
• London - Financial Control
• The Vatican - Spiritual Control
• The District of Columbia - Military Control

The District of Columbia does not represent The United For America, it represents the Corporation of America under 1871

Corporation of America https://twitter.com/punishdem1776/status/1685765341660504065?s=46& ;amp;t=QC-aAZ2KGgySdHpvlhA2RA