3- Birth Certificate and Social Security Liability under Corporation of America

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“Birth” Certificate and Social Security liability under Corporation of America

You are the “Stock” of the corporation traded on the stock market like cattle

The Act of 1871- Which turned America into a corporation thus making its citizens property of that entity


1913- The federal Reserve Act that gave the corporation of America legal authority to print money and charge interest without any backing
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1920- independent Treasury Act the put the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve in control of the Treasury


1921- Induction, federal employees now funded by Fed instead of Treasury

1925- United States Corporation privatized all legal documents related to funding both domestic and foreign interest

1933- Banking emergency Act, where government took over precious metals from the bank thus turning the once gold back dollar into a debt note


1945- United Nations Participation Act which gave the control of independent banks over to the Central Bank of London

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