7- Conclusion by William Cooper

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Contrary to popular belief, this Nation is NOT founded upon such Christian values, sovereignty and “We The People” as most are lead to believe as many of our founding fathers had intentions of global governance since the beginning hence the second constitution and the Act of 1871

Though noble in perspective, this Nations foundation is rooted in satanism throughout the centuries, not all but many are complicit

For we take this opportunity to understand this through research and correct our hidden history as we expose the hidden enemy

Foundation of the NWO https://x.com/punishdem1776/status/1682495402522603525?s=46& ;amp;t=QC-aAZ2KGgySdHpvlhA2RA

Plot to take over America https://x.com/punishdem1776/status/1681009317065940996?s=46& ;amp;t=QC-aAZ2KGgySdHpvlhA2RA